You’re running late, picking up some last-minute groceries. Your 7-year-old is dressed for baseball practice, and your 3-year-old has just kicked off her shoes in the middle of the freezer aisle. Frantically, you attempt to put her shoes back on, which sends her into a tantrum. At this exact moment, your 7-year-old catches a glimpse of the time on your phone and impatiently complains, “We’re going to miss my practice! You always make me late!” People start looking at you — judging you, you imagine. Your daughter flings off the shoe you just put on. Your son is starting to tear up and stamp his foot. You sense the tension tightening your face, feeling your fuse about to blow. For many parents, this is just another trying moment when they run the risk of “snapping” or “losing it” with their kids. Yet, it’s moments like these that make mindfulness such a valuable tool in parenting.