A Practical Approach to Overcoming Illness Anxiety


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Dr. Danny Zamir of the Anxiety and Panic Disorder Clinic of Santa Barbara will provide an overview of what health anxiety is, how health anxiety is maintained, and how to break the cycle of catastrophizing and reassurance seeking. This webinar is for clinicians treating people with health anxiety as well as for people who have health anxiety and want to learn about how to overcome this debilitating and excruciating condition. Dr. Zamir will review a conceptualization and cognitive-behavioral treatment for Illness Anxiety Disorder (formerly hypochondriasis). The hope of this webinar is to give you the tools to understand how these disorders work and how to overcome them.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the signs and symptoms of illness anxiety disorder (also known as hypochondriasis or health anxiety)
  2. Explain how illness anxiety is maintained by reassurance-seeking and how to stop the loop that keeps illness anxiety going
  3. Identify effective treatments for illness anxiety


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