Treating Suicide – A Cognitive, Behavioral Approach: An Interview with Dr. David Rudd


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David Rudd, Ph.D. is an expert in the field of suicidology. He is Dean of the College of social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Utah, where he also serves as Scientific Director for the National Center for Veterans Studies. Dr. Rudd has served as President of the American Association of Suicidology and the Texas Psychological Association. His books, includingTreating Suicidal Behavior and Managing Suicide Risk in Primary Care, have received much acclaim. Dr. Rudd has also served as a consultant to organizations worldwide, including the United States Air Force and Army, the Department of Defense, and the Beijing Suicide Prevention and Research Center.

In this DVD, Dr. David Rudd discusses treating suicide. Dr. Rudd begins by describing the developmental pathways to suicidal behavior and the suicidal mode. He addresses the role of dissociation in suicide and the destructive thoughts underlying suicidal behavior. Drawing upon his years of experience in the field of suicidology, Dr. Rudd discusses the treatment of suicidal patients. He places emphasis on the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and defines the essential qualities a therapist should have for treating suicide. This DVD is an excellent resource for psychologists, mental health professionals and educators interested in better understanding and treating suicide.

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