Understanding Fearful-Avoidant Attachment


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In this Webinar: 

A person with a fearful-avoidant attachment often lives in an ambivalent state of being afraid of being both too close to or too distant from significant others. They have not developed an organized strategy for getting their needs met by others, because their early caretakers were disorienting and alarming. They alternate between moving toward their partner and needing emotional distance. They tend to be mixed up or unpredictable in their patterns.

As adults, these individuals tend to find themselves in rocky or dramatic relationships with many highs and lows and  fears of both being abandoned and being intimate. 

This webinar will help people understand:

  • What is Fearful-Avoidant Attachment?
  • How does this attachment pattern develop?
  • What impact  does this attachment pattern have on relationships (i.e. who you choose and how you behave)?
  • Techniques to break free from negative cycles, develop more inner security, and achieve closer, more fulfilling relationships
  • Tools to calm down in times of stress

Learning Objectives:

  1. List the common characteristics of a Fearful-Avoidant attachment pattern
  2. Demonstrate how a Disorganized attachment pattern in childhood affects people throughout their lives and can lead to Fearful-Avoidant patterns in adulthood
  3. Discuss how a patient with Fearful-Avoidant attachment can develop an earned secure attachment in adulthood
  4. Describe how to help a person with Fearful-Avoidant attachment create a coherent narrative to form more inner security


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