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When Love is Not Enough Webinar: Purpose-Centered Couple Therapy


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In this webinar, Dr. Stan Tatkin will discuss what predicts long-term success in adult romantic relationships.

He will explain how purpose and shared vision sets the stage for meaningful, long-lasting relationships, and how a lack of purpose, shared meaning, and shared principles of governance (guardrails that protect partners from each other) are predictors of accumulated, psychobiological threat and eventual dissolution.

The impact of couple capacity to co-regulate distress states as well as couple attitude will also be explored as factors contributing to long-term relationship success. Tatkin will explain why love is not enough to ensure relationship endurance given the ever-present, survival-based nature of the human primate.

This course will benefit individuals and couples seeking personal growth as well as professionals interested in Purpose-Centered Couple Therapy.

This presentation will answer the following questions:

  1. What is a secure functioning relationship and how is it more effective than insecure models?
  2. What is the difference between secure functioning and secure attachment?
  3. How does the couple therapist promote secure functioning?
  4. What is the automatic brain and what implications does it have for pair bonding?
  5. What is PACT and how is it different from other couple approaches?
  6. What are the three theoretical domains of PACT?

Learning Objectives:

  1. List at least five characteristics of a secure-functioning relationship.
  2. Describe the brain’s error potentials and why they matter.
  3. Apply basic PACT interviewing/intervention crossing techniques.
  4. Identify secure and insecure attachment organizations in partners.


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